Detecting Filaments and the WHIM

We recently published an article on the confirmation of two large-scale filaments along the sight-line of the blazar 1ES 1553+113, which correspond to Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium (WHIM) absorption features in the X-ray and far ultraviolet. We use the WISE-SuperCOSMOS photometric catalog to map the cosmic-web in the direction of the blazar, and find significant filaments at redshifts of z=0.23 ±0.02 and z=0.31 ± 0.02, which roughly align with the absorption redshifts. A third X-ray absorption feature at z=0.133 did not have any corresponding structures in the photometric catalog.


We are putting the cosmic-web maps and code online at Github, and hope that people can make use of them for there own research. Keep an eye out for several projects using these data in the coming months!

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